July 22, 2017 Riyadh, Czech Rehabilitation Center

About event
The White Energy Company in cooperation with Czech Rehabilitation Center in Riyadh and Taqetna Co. organizes 3 training workshops in Saudi Arabia "The Renewable Energy Development and Design Training Workshops" is the first certified training workshops in Saudi Arabia and a unique training program because of its Practical Side; we provide the trainee with the tools to design, implement and verify the energy Renewable Energy Systems, it is empowers the trainee by Simplified Design Engineering techniques to energy problems at affordable prices.

We offer the attendees our experience in Renewable Energy Research & Development to open the door of Innovation to design and implement unique Solar and Wind Energy projects.

In Cooperation with Riyadh Chamber of Commerce

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Eng. Mahmoud Shattel

Eng. Mahmoud is an inventor and certified trainer, he is the projects manager at "White Energy Co." and he was awarded as second runner-up prize in (GIST) competition in Istanbul, and the Silver award in the Emirates Energy awards 2013, the CleanTECH open award, and the DAI CleanTech award, he also took part of the "Queen Rania national Entrepreneurship competition.

Eng. Mahmoud Shattel is a Renewable Energy consultant and inventor, he invented an Efficient Vertical Wind Turbine and generates power from slow wind four times more resourcefully than the common turbine (four Watts verses one), and has the ability to generate power from low speed winds; an important advantage in this part of the world where wind speeds are low in most countries. The size of the turbine, about one meter high, helps ensure that it can be easily and safely used in homes, shops, and any other open space. Mahmoud’s experience and passion for science has won him several awards including the Silver Award in the Emirates Energy Awards 2013, the ‘CleanTECH Open Award’ and the ‘DAI CleanTech Award.’ He also took part of the ‘Queen Rania National Entrepreneurship Competition’ and won second runner-up prize in the Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) Competition in Istanbul.
Day 1 : Saturday 22/7/2017
4:30 PM - 8:30 PM
4:30 pm : Renewable Energy Overview, Energy, Electricity and Renewable Energy terms, What is design?
6:30 pm : Coffee Break & Prayer
7:00 pm : Introduction of wind power - Wind energy principles
8:30 pm: Questions & Answers - Closing of Day 1.
Day 2 : Sunday 23/7/2017
4:30 PM - 8:30 PM
4:30 pm : Types of wind turbines, large/small, grid-tied/stand-alone - How small turbine works - Design stand alone system
6:30 pm : Coffee Break & Prayer
7:00 pm : Limitations on wind energy - Introduction of solar technologies
8:30 pm : Questions & Answers, Closing of Day 2.
Day 3 : Monday 24/7/2017
4:30 PM - 8:30 PM
4:30 pm : Photovoltaics (PV) - The solar resource and PV module types - Installation and Calculation - PV Modeling using Computer Aided Design.
6:30 pm : Coffee Break & Prayer
6:30 pm : Battery types and safety - Training on modeling & Designing Renewable Energy Systems.
8:30 pm : Questions & Answers - Training Certificates.
End of Level 2.
Level 1 (Riyadh)
22\7\2017 – 24\7\2017 4:30 pm – 8:30 pm
In this level participants will be able to build a common ground about the various renewable energy types and their working concepts. On completion of T-RED Level 1 participants should had a comprehensive overview of the main commercially viable renewable technologies, how systems are designed and sized and do initial designs for renewable energy systems.

To Register in Level 1 + 2: SR 4,940.
To Register in all 3 levels: SR 7,450.

29 seats available

Certified Training Certificate will be given.

2800 SR
Level 2 (Riyadh)
25\7\2017 – 27\7\2017 4:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Level 2 training workshop is one of the unique programs in the field of Renewable Energy because of the practical side of it. Where it covers designing Solar Systems, PV, and addressing for some applications, Simulating PV Systems small, medium and large scale using SMA software, designing and constructing a customized structure for a PV system locally.

To Register in Level 2 + 3: SR 5,950.
To Register in all 3 levels: SR 7,450.

28 seats available.

Certified Training Certificate will be given.

3200 SR
Level 3 (Riyadh)
30\7\2017 – 1\8\2017 4:30 pm – 8:30 pm
This level is a complementary workshop where we empower the successful Renewable Energy Project Developer by the tools to develop Renewable Energy Projects from the proposal phase to running and operating the facility including the financing part of it.

To Register in Level 2 + 3: SR 5,950.
To Register in all 3 levels: SR 7,450.

30 seats available.

Certified Training Certificate will be given.

3700 SR
Czech Rehabilitation Center
Saudi Arabia




  • What are the prerequisites for the training program ?

    There is no particular prerequisite for attending this training program, but the attendee needs to have a basic background in science and math.

  • Who can attend ?

    Anyone can attend; our classes are open to the general public, but Engineering Students, Economists, Environmentalists, Socialists, Engineers or Investors can make the most of this training.

  • What is T-RED Certificate ?

    It is acronym for The White Energy Renewable Energy Development Certificate which is widely known in the field of Renewable Energy. T-RED is designed for individuals and corporate wanting to get into the renewable energy field. It is one of the most recognized and esteemed certification the renewable energy industry has to offer.

  • What topics does Level 1 cover ?

    Level 1 training covers various renewable energy technologies and their economic potentials. The workshop paves the way to become accredit T-RED installers and salesperson. It is a combination between educating the trainees about the current Energy Resources (Traditional) and Renewable Energy.

    In this level all trainees will be able to build a common ground about renewable energy types and their working concepts.

  • How do I register for a course ?

    Go to Training Page, and fill your information Representative from White Energy or our partner will contact you to proceed your registration.

  • What if I need to cancel a course registration ?

    To cancel a course you have registered for, please email us or call 966-11-2121212 to request cancelation at least 3 days before event, You will retrieve at least part of your tuition fee, no fees will be refunded after this date.

  • What will I learn about Solar PV Systems ?

    The White Energy approved training course will equip you with the needed tools to design, install and maintain Solar PV projects from beginning (Level 1) to advanced levels (Level 2 & Level 3).

  • How many credit hours for each level ?

    Level 1: 20 Hours Level 2: 20 Hours Level 3: 35 Hours

  • Will I get a hard copy of the material ?

    Yes, every attendee will receive a hard copy of the presented material

  • What are the major outcomes of Training/Level 1 ?

    The graduated attendee will be able to analyze renewable energy options and design a basic solar PV system.

  • What tools will I use to design Renewable Energy Systems ?

    On the basic level, all problems will be solved using Hands-on techniques. On the medium scale we will use different computer tools to design and verify Renewable Energy Projects.

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